Kristina Karamo

Letter from the Chair

On March 2, 2024, the MIGOP District Convention will be a historic event for the city of Detroit. Huntington Place, located at One Washington Blvd., will host approximately 2,000 Precinct Delegates and 2,000 alternates who will come together to select representatives from each district to go to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, WI. We will also be voting on the Republican nominee for president and RNC Committeeman and Committeewoman. The theme for this year's District Convention is ...

One Party. One Purpose.

The MIGOP convention committee has planned an exciting atmosphere to showcase Detroit's hospitality and vibrancy. The District Convention offers a prime opportunity for the Michigan Republican Party to unite in celebrating our state, our country, and our Party's future. We will pledge to unleash and fortify Michigan's middle class and put hard-working Michiganders back in charge of their government.
I am so thankful for the dedicated team members and volunteers and their work to make the 2024 MIGOP District Convention a reality. You can use this website as your primary resource to check back for more updates. I look forward to seeing my fellow Republicans congregate and collaborate on how we will win in 2024 and beyond.

March 2, 2024 @ 10AM

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Huntington Place

1 Washington Blvd Detroit, MI 48226
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